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School management software centralizes student data, including personal information, academic records, attendance, and conduct.

  • Enhanced Student-Parent Experience
  • Custom Price Plans for Customizable Features
  • 100% Data Security

    TOS is Not An Ordinary ERP for School

    We Empower the Rise of a Modern Education Ecosystem

    In the rapidly evolving landscape of educational technology, Trendy Online Solution (TOS) emerges as a groundbreaking School ERP that transcends conventional boundaries. This innovative solution is not just an ordinary ERP for schools; it’s a dynamic platform designed to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of contemporary educational institutions.

    Build Education Institutions That Are Digitally Forward & Future Ready

    School Management Software has emerged as a transformative tool, streamlining administrative tasks, enhancing communication, and fostering an efficient learning environment. This comprehensive system brings together various functionalities to simplify the complex processes associated with running educational institutions.


    Master-Driven Customization

    In the dynamic landscape of educational technology, customization is key to meeting the unique needs of each educational institution.

    Easy to Use

    Our School CRM boasts an intuitive interface, ensuring that users can navigate effortlessly without extensive training and is user friendly to users.


    100% Data Security

    Our CRM is keeping the sensitive data is secure & provide a robust framework that instills confidence in our users.

    Training Modules

    With our Competitive training modules ( School CRM) the School administrators & Educators to monitor who accessed the system, what actions were performed.

    360° Modern School Management Software, with TOS


    Dynamic School Calendar Management


    Online & Offline Admission Management


    Online & Offline Fees Management


    Online Assessment Management


    Student Analytics & Tracking


    Examination & Report Card Management


    Library Management with Stock Inventory


    Student/Staff Transportation Management


    Curriculum Planning


    PTM Management




    Parent Portal/ App


    Teacher Training & Development


    Student Attendance Management


    Parent Communication


    Cafeteria Management

    CRM For School Management

    Implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in school management system can revolutionize the way in which educational organizations Operate, encouraging superior correspondence, productivity, and in general adequacy. Here are key topics on CRM for school management System.

    1. Enhancing Parent-Teacher Communication:
    – Investigate how CRM Systems work with consistent correspondence among guardians and educators. Examine highlights like robotized informing, occasion notices, and progress reports that fortify the association among instructors and guardians.

    2. Student Information Management:
    – Dig into the advantages of involving CRM for comprehensive student information management. Talk about how these systems unify student data, making it easily accessible, exceptional, and secure for authoritative and academic purposes.

    3. Streamlining Enrollment Processes:
    – Analyze how CRM works on the enrollment interaction. Examine the mechanization of confirmation structures, correspondence with imminent understudies, and the production of a unified information base for affirmations staff to productively oversee applications.

    4. Personalized Learning Plans:
    – Investigate the job of CRM in creating customized learning plans for understudies. Examine how the system can follow individual understudy progress, distinguish regions for development, and recommend customized learning assets or mediations.

    5. Attendance Tracking and Reporting:
    – Talk about how CRM Systems mechanize participation following and detailing, decreasing manual responsibility for instructors. Investigate the advantages of continuous participation updates and programmed warnings to guardians about their youngster’s participation.

    6. Alumni Relationship Management:
    – Feature the significance of keeping up major areas of strength for with graduated class. Examine how CRM Systems help in graduated class relationship the board, including following graduated class accomplishments, coordinating reunions, and utilizing graduated class networks to assist current understudies.

    7. Resource Designation and Planning:
    – Make sense of how CRM Systems aid asset designation and arranging. Talk about highlights like study hall planning, workforce responsibility the board, and stock following that add to proficient school activities.

    8. Feedback and Surveys:
    – Investigate how CRM empowers schools to assemble criticism from guardians, understudies, and staff through overviews. Examine how this information can be broke down to settle on informed choices and upgrades to improve the general school insight.

    9. Integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS):
    – Examine the consistent mix of CRM with Learning The executives Frameworks. Investigate how this mix gives a comprehensive perspective on understudy execution, joining scholastic information with conduct and participation data.

    10. Data Security and Privacy:
    – Address concerns connected with information security and protection with regards to CRM execution. Examine measures schools can take to guarantee the assurance of delicate data and consistence with information security guidelines.

    11. Cost Benefits Analysis for Schools:
    – Assess the money saving advantage examination of carrying out a CRM Systems in school the board. Examine how the forthright speculation can prompt long haul effectiveness gains, further developed results, and upgraded partner fulfillment.

    All in all, CRM Systems can possibly reform school the executives by encouraging better correspondence, customized learning, and effective authoritative cycles. Investigating these subjects can give bits of knowledge into the groundbreaking effect of CRM in the schooling area.

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