Shweta Puri
Founder & CEO
Trendy Online Solution

Not only is her company’s name “Trendy,” but also her thoughts, her perspectives, and her working strategies are trendy.

As a CEO of a Digital PR Company for almost 12 great years, she knows how to cater to the client’s needs and develop result-driven strategies that can make a huge impact.

Not only does she develop strategies for her company’s clients, but also she applies those strategies to her company to check whether or not the techniques or methods are working as expected. She always cares about providing services that will be 100% working and offer great opportunities to the clients. She very much knows, today’s industry has a lot of competition, yet she also knows that thinking out of the box will surely be helpful for everyone.

That’s why, whenever she got to help her company’s client with result-oriented strategies, she always serves an out-of-the-box strategy that can later be mold and change as per the business needs.

Well, she is not alone in the company. She got several players chosen by herself to play according to the market for the clients. She knows a digital marketing company will only survive when they satisfy their client’s needs, and as you can see, she is taking care of this company for almost 12 years.

Story of TOS

“A random idea that pops into her and her friend while chilling in Barakhamba metro station and now becomes a 12 years old Digital PR Company is just amazing.”

Shweta Puri: A name that needs no introduction among her valuable clients. Since her beginning in this marketing industry, she doesn’t make clients; she makes families. There are several clients with them for more than eight years. She makes sure that she and her company are updated with the current trend with every passing time.

Her all-time favorite quote:

Only the fittest will survive

A small quote can also leave a big mark. She knows to survive in this ever-changing industry; you need to be fit with the ongoing trends. That’s why she is still in the market hustling with big fish, not only from India but also from abroad.

A motive to be in this industry

She is not a money grabbing CEO who only thinks about money and a short-term relation with the client. She always thinks about the future between her company and her client’s company. With her years of experience, she, with her team of expert professionals, understands the client’s requirements and makes sure to become the ultimate solution provider. She is totally into serving clients in the best possible way.

Strong points to give a chance to Trendy Online Solution and Shweta Puri.

Well, experience and stability tell a lot of stories. You accept that every day several companies come and go. But only those companies survive, who have the courage, dedication, and expertise to satisfy their client's needs. Here comes Trendy Online Solution, a growing Digital PR Company in India; having around 12 years of experience and a team of experienced professionals will ensure that you get the best Digital PR service that will improve your business growth.

Moreover, with Trendy Online Solution, you will get the best services that suit your pocket and your business growth. You don't need to pay any crazy amount of money to TOS; you only need to pay a reasonable service cost. TOS is determined in complete transparency.

The Digital PR service that you will get from TOS will be 100% result-driven with no compromise in work quality. The professionals of Trendy Online Solution will develop and apply customized result-oriented strategies based on your company's condition and future planning.

Most importantly, you will get all the updates about the progress from TOS.

So, don’t think too much because there is no time to waste thinking about anything else. While overthinking, maybe your competitor will cross you and move ahead. So, please don’t waste time and enroll with us. For more details, you can contact us anytime you want.

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