Why your clients need a responsive website, not an app?

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If you think about website and mobile application then it may seem like both are different. But if we dig deeper into their concepts then we get to know that they are connected with each other, having approx the same functionalities but still different.

But today, it is all about business and you know that business needs to be accessible via mobile devices. Users and costumers want to have a way by which they can easily get their answer either by the responsive website or mobile applications.

Companies are getting aware that they need to embrace mobile strategy or you can say a way by which user or customer can reach them easily with a single tap.

Trendy Online Solution which is the Best Website Designing Company in India will provide you proper answer about why clients need a responsive website, not an app? As we are also popular as the Best Responsive website Designing Company and built many website designing projects so we have the full understanding of the importance of the responsive website.

Difference between the Responsive website and Mobile Application

Features of the responsive website: –

  • Responsive Website is similar to the other website. It also uses HTML pages that can be accessed in any browser. But not every website can be accessible in every screen size. The only Responsive website can be accessed in every screen size.
  • The responsive website has a special design which is based on CSS media queries.
  • Due to the enhancement of mobile users, a responsive website is more used by users as compared to mobile apps.

Features of the mobile application: –

  • Mobile Applications have issues related to accessibil Like, you can upload a picture from the Instagram website, you have to install the Instagram app to upload pictures.
  • Mobile Applications need your personal info and authority permission but there is no need for these on websites.
  • Every application is not accessible in every platform means iOS apps are not accessible in android platform.


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