Understanding Google’s Algorithm ranking factors in 2018


Trendy Online Solution: Understanding Google’s Algorithm ranking factors in 2018


Every SEO professionals are well known about the fact of SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best and the most effective way to get good rankings for your website in search engines. If you are a business owner then you definitely want traffic in your website to enhance your visibility in search engines. If you want to, then you should carefully understand the Google’s Algorithm Ranking Factors of 2018 by Trendy Online Solution.

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Google’s Algorithm Raking Factors in 2018

  • Backlinks

Backlinks are the most important Google ranking factor still in 2018. The high-quality backlinks will improvise your website ranking in search engines. Backlinks give the clear and direct signal to the Google about how good your website in terms of quality and performance.

  • Length of Content

Long size content does not tell the quality of the content. Content should be readable in size and filled with relevant details that will attract readers to your website. The content you develop should contain all answers based on the reader’s need.

  • Mobile-friendly user experience

Today most of the users convert their medium from computer to mobile. Mobile users are increased at a huge rate. So your website should be responsive and also have to check your page loading time.

  • Direct Website Traffic

Direct Traffic is important for the Ranking factors as it gives direct impact to the website’s ranking in Google. If the user will visit your website, find the information they want and also log in to a member portal this will directly lead to good website optimization.





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